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The Memnosyne Institute is deeply grateful to our

Advisory Board

for their wisdom, passion, insights and generosity of time,

connections and advice in our service to humanity.

About Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board Members agree to donate their time to provide invaluable advice for

specific areas their personal experience/expertise can provide insight on.

About Community Ambassadors

Advisory Board Member, Jan Dedrie Pfeffer Strimple, requested that we design a unique Advisory Board position for those Advisory Board members who desire to

advocate/promote Memnosyne Institute's work within a specific city. Today, the following individuals have become Community Ambassadors in the following cities:

Jan Dedrie Pfeffer Strimple - Dallas, Texas, USA

Lawrence Bloom - London, England

Tomoyo Nonka, Tokyo, Japan

                             Adolfo Ayuso Audry        

                             Deputy General Director of International Affairs, Office of the President of Mexico










                             Dr. Don Edward Beck  










                             Rabbi Avraham Berkowitz

                             New York, New York






                             Lawrence Bloom - Memnosyne Community Ambassador

                             London, England, U.K. 






                             Keith Critchlow

                             London, England, U.K.











                             The Venerable Lama Tenzin Dhonden

                              Dharamasala, India






                             Marco Galvan

                             Mexico City, Mexico













                             Gina Grant

                             Dallas, Texas













                              Gray Hawn

                             Austin, Texas













                              Louie Hena

                             Tesuque Pueblo, New Mexico













                             Barbara Marx Hubbard

                             San Francisco, California















                             Dr. Robert Hunt

                             Dallas, Texas          













                             Dr. Sue Jones

                             Dallas, Texas













                             Dr. Ervin Laszlo

                             Montescudaio, Pisa, Italy












                             Tomoyo Nonka -Memnosyne Community Ambassador

                             Tokyo, Japan
















                             Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

                             New York, New York
















                            Patricia Rosenfield

                            New York, New York
















                           Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

















                           Dr. Phillip Shinoda - (retired Director of The Memnosyne Center for 

                           The Environment, Economics, Science and Technology

                           Dallas, Texas


















                           Jan Dedrie Pfeffer Strimple - Memnosyne Community Ambassador

                           Dallas, Texas













                           Gyorgyi Szabo

                           Paris, France
















                           Debra Rutherford Thompson

                           Dallas, Texas
















                           Charles Ward

                           Dallas, Texas

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