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Meet Our Staff

Read an article by Phillip here:

Phillip E.


Executive Director

Collins is the former Chief Curator at the African American Museum in Dallas, Texas. Prior to

Collins appointment at the African American Museum, he worked in the Education Department at

the Dallas Museum of Art and spearheaded the vision and development of the Go-Van-Gogh

outreach program. Phillip Collins has conceived and developed over ninety exhibitions locally and

nationally and continues to curate commission exhibitions independently. 

Collins has developed, specialized art programs, museum exhibition installation designs and

fabrications, written art reviews, essays, catalogue entries, periodicals and other art related


 As a public servant, Collins has served as juror for art competitions statewide and nationally,

served as Chair of the Visual Arts Funding Panel for the Texas Commission for the Arts, Treasurer

of the Texas Association of Museums Board of Trustees (TAM), and numerous boards and

committees for cultural institutions including liaison to the Dallas Opera, Big Thought, Inc., Dallas

Contemporary, Voices of Change, Texas Southern University Museum, and the McKinney Ave Art Center (the MAC), and Kitchen Dog Theatre.


From 2012-14, Collins served as Moderator for the Annual Hunting Oil Company Texas Artist Prize Juried Exhibition in Houston, Texas, and currently  appointed by the Dallas City Council as Commissioner At Large for the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs where he has served for six years as Chair of the Public Arts Committee.  



Among many awards and commendations, Collins received a 2000 J. Paul Getty Museum Management Scholarship Award, the 2004 Artist Advocate’s Award by the Visual Arts Coalition of Dallas, the 2004 Creative Arts Award for Community Service presented by the Dallas Historical Society, 2001-2003 City of Dallas Landmark Commission/Task Force member,  2003 High Profile/The Dallas Morning News, and the President’s Award for Outstanding Community Service and Volunteerism by The Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Inc., Dallas, Texas

Co-founder of

The Memnosyne Institute

Director of:

  • Center for Global and  Local Outreach

  • Center for Indigenous Cultures

  • Center for Spirituality

Coke Buchanan

Read an article by Coke here:

As co-founder of Memnosyne Institute (Memnosyne Foundation), Coke helped establish the

organization, articulate its vision, build its unique framework and recruit its diverse staff. Program

highlights include developing projects and programs such as: School-Out-Of-A-Box, The

International Summit on Indigenous Environmental Philosophy, American Indian Elder Wisdom

Project, Indigenous Cultural Exchange and Cultural Center Programs, Hopi and Navajo Alliance,

and the Sacred Geometry Renaissance


Prior to his work with Memnosyne, Coke enjoyed a successful 26-year career in

telecommunications as an Account Executive with Southwestern Bell Telephone/AT&T, ROLM, and

Source Inc where he established, developed and managed corporate and government sales



Afterwards, Coke served as Director of Communications for the JFK Assassination Information as

Editor of Dateline Dallas and co-authored a book with Beverly Oliver (Nightmare in Dallas) about the events surrounding her eyewitness account to President Kennedy’s assassination.


Coke served as Director of Business Development and senior writer for Philanthropy WORLD magazine communicating “Good News” and the value of giving to communities in need; financially, spiritually or by volunteering. To promote dialog and collaboration in the nonprofit industry amongst Dallas Executive Directors, Coke established the “Executive Director Connection”.


Coke began his community service at age 19 volunteering with Big Brothers of America, and the I Have A Dream Foundation. Coke served on the Board of Advisors for Chuck Norris; KickStart focused on changing the destiny of at risk children where he created and co-chaired the Chuck Norris Martial Arts Festival.  Coke has consulted with nonprofit organizations such as: Chapel of Hope, Exodus Ministries, Heroes for Humanity, American Heroes for Humanity, Adopt-A-Soldier Now, Grace Unlimited, Project Palette, and the Matthew & Matilda Crowley Institute for Preventive Medicine


Coke received his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of North Texas and was co-founder of the UNT Chapter of Alpha Delta Sigma. He is currently seeking his Master of Arts in Consciousness Studies at the University of Philosophical Studies. 

Memnosyne has provided me many opportunities to work with people and communities globally striving to bring tangible measures of humanitarian dignity and kindness in a chaotic world often tethered by undercurrents of injustice and unwarranted bias.  I am amazed how small groups of dedicated individuals can create ripples of joy that manifest into grander movements that improve the quality of life for others." - Coke Buchanan

Rev. Dr. Todd


Director of Center for

Interfaith Initiatives and Inquiry

Read an article by Todd here:

Wendel Withrow LL.B, J.D.

Read an article by Wendel here:

Director of Center for

The Environment, Science,

Economics and Technology

Assistant to

The Executive Director 



Anthony Chisom serves as assistant to the Executive Director for The Memnosyne Institute and has
been with the organization since its inception. 
Anthony works closely and directly with the Executive Director, Center Directors, Board Members,
and staff.   

Anthony is a Texas native having moved to Dallas in 1994.   Anthony is an entrepreneur and began

his Floral, Event, and Interior Design business, Anthony Chisom Interiors, in 1999 after a long and

rewarding career in the Retail Industry.


Anthony’s entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for people lead him to create two platforms for

engaging them.  The Anthony Chisom Show, an online radio show, and Anthony Chisom Presents

Conversations, an online talk show allows Anthony the opportunity to showcase individuals and

what it is they are doing in the world to others.  “It is through the sharing of our stories that we find common ground to see another’s view and also fell less alone.”


Anthony is an animal activist and rescuer of “street dogs”.  Anthony personally has 4 of the many street recues which he feels is another piece of his life’s work and purpose.

It is the mission of truly serving others that attracted me to Memnosyne Institute. Memnosyne creates the space and opportunity for like-minded individuals to consciously take action to make a difference. I feel it is a direct part of my life’s purpose.”  - Anthony Chisom

  • Public Relations

  • Coordinator for

      Memnosyne's Interfaith

      Volunteer Network



Isabell Rossignol brings more than 25 years of experience in public relations and marketing. Her

strengths lie in strategic planning, branding, social media, and market research. Isabell has worked

in many industries in the Dallas market, nationally and abroad. Born and raised in Louisiana with

that created her business as a publicist.  Working in the wide range of industries including coffee,

food and beverage, construction, beauty, non-profit,   and   medical. She is a seasoned

professional, educated in Louisiana and also through the ranks of business participation and

interaction with the best in various industries. She specializes in word-wrangling, storyboarding,

and concise branding while weaving a campaign around a single word. Her strength is in strategic

planning, branding and market research makes her an asset when directing public relations and

marketing strategies. Isabell is able to weave a campaign around a single word while handling and

organizing many functions that build and maintain strong positive relationships with the community,

sponsors, public interest groups, the media, and the general public. Isabell states that the bottom

line today is to get the word out about who we are through organized branding. She is able to

weave a campaign around a single word.


Working with clients from all walks of life she is able to understand their goals and create positive public awareness in the public.  She creates content and relationships that inform, persuades and entertains all types of audiences.  For the past several years Isabell has used her vast experience to grow positive and unique awareness of the Memnosyne Institute.

 “Working with Memnosyne is something I love, it has provided me with a unique opportunity to utilize my love of learning and understanding while also engaging with different cultures and causes around the world.”  - Isabell Rossignol



Memnosyne Intern

  • directly responsible for aiding Dr. Don E. Beck.

  • provides additional support for Executive Director

  • coordinates Memnosyne tech


Bell Collier

Office Assistant

to the




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