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Mary- Ann is the Co-Founder/President of The Memnosyne Institute and The John Philp Thompson Foundation, is a frequently requested international speaker, (having spoken at the United Nations several times, as well as for TEDx, Global Women's Summit, the Cordoba Initiative, STEP Global Congress, NEXUS Youth Summit, etc.), mediator, (including negotiating the first alliance/treaty in 300 years between the Hopi and Navajo Nations and for the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission in New York), collected and award winning sculptor (including recognition from the Buckminster Fuller Institute as being the first artist to invert the geodesic dome to create the human figure, and selected out of 500 international sculptors for Sculptor of the Year by the ARTV Awards), and board member for several organizations.


She has been published in various magazines including The Transpersonal Psychology Association's “The Transcender", YPO's Real Leaders Magazine which recognized her as a “Real Young Leader to watch on the international scene, contributed chapters to various books including “Dawn of The Akashic Age: New Consciousness, Quantum Resonance, and The Future of The World” by Dennis Kingsley and Ervin Laszlo, “Developing A Global Agenda: Expert Insight from the inaugural STEP Global Congress” collected by STEP, “Sparks of Genius: Powerful Sparks of Creative Insight from 100+ Global Thought Leaders” collected by Julie Ann Turner, and has been identified with her husband Joshua, by three-time-nominated-Nobel-Peace-Prize Dr. Ervin Laszlo as one of the “21st Century Visionary Thinkers” leading innovative humanitarianism for her “social acupuncture” model.


She has received numerous awards for her humanitarian work including Women That Soar’s 2009 Philanthropy Award, The Aga Khan Foundation’s 2012 Appreciation Award, Southern Methodist University’s 2013 Profiles in Leadership Award, and Northwood University’s Distinguished Women Awards. She has been a featured speaker alongside Keith Critchlow for The Temenos Academy of Integral Studies on the topic of "A Sacred Building For Our Time - what it means to be sacred to this era and why such a creation is important” with Mary Ann addressing the Center for Outreach which includes the Vital Signs Monitor based on the work of Don E. Beck and also reflects geometric aspects of Nassim Haramein's work and how their research has revealed the same patterns of gematria running through sociology and quantum physics that people like Keith Critchlow and the ancients, such as the people of Teotihuacan, have revealed exist in nature.


In 2016 she has been on the cover of international publications including, “Femme International”, “Global Woman” and 'Forbes Mexico" and serves as the editor for “Empower” a collaborative publication between The Club of Budapest International and The Memnosyne Institute. She is currently working on two books, one “Southland” about three generations of her family’s social activism and the other on “Social Acupuncture” is being written with Juan Carlos Kaiten and was the keynote speaker for 64th World Congress of Women Entrepreneurs in November 2016.

Mary Ann



Joshua Raymond Frenk


A Dallas Resident, Joshua serves as CEO of Thompson Fine Arts, Inc., which was nominated for NTBCA’s Obelisk Award for donating gallery space for the Visual Arts Coalition of Dallas, which represents more than 7,500 visuals artists and as Co-Founder/Vice-President of the John Philp Thompson Foundation which supports research on non-radiation/non-chemotherapy cures for glioblastoma (brain cancer) in honor of his father-in law who died from the terrible disease. The organization was Joshua’s original concept and he has played a crucial role in determining the direction of the grants made, including the first donation which went to Duke University’s Brain Tumor Center’s Immunotherapy program and the most recent donation which went to a joint project between John Hopkins’s University and the University of Milan.

Joshua also serves as Co-Founder/Vice-President of the Memnosyne Institute an organization whose mission is to “help the diverse people of the world consciously encourage an evolution for themselves and for future generations by providing humanity with the means to encourage positive, peaceful global collaboration in all areas of knowledge.” and where he is currently following his passion for environmental concerns by also serving as the organization’s Volunteer Chair for Memnosyne Center for The Environment, Economics & Science and as the Board Coordinator for GreenSourceDFW.

Aside from his leadership roles in these organizations, Joshua’s philanthropy and activism also extends to serving on the Board of Trustees for The People’s Empowerment Project, as a member of The Sierra Club’s John Muir Society, and as a Board Member of The Mexic-Arte Museum located in his home town of Austin, Texas, as well as serving as the President of The Club of Budapest Americas.

Together, with his wife, Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk, he has sponsored human rights, arts, and environmental programs which have accomplished projects both independently and via The Memnosyne Institute, in Rwanda, Guatemala, Vietnam, Mexico, Tanzania, Japan and the United States, the most current one being the “Oak Cliff Earth Day 2015 Festival”.

In 2006 Joshua served as Director and Executive Producer of “Many Paths, One Source”, a conference that brought together 40 spiritual leaders of Western, Eastern, Indigenous, and New Age Traditions, where he caught five full days worth of intensive conversation on topics as diverse as the environment, homophobia, healing between Christianity with the world’s indigenous people, fighting bigotry, the Divine Feminine as evident in all religions, and much, much more. He described the process as, “The purpose of this film is to open as many eyes and minds as it can. If it plays at least some small role in a world-wide paradigm shift that this world so desperately needs, if I have successfully captured their wisdom in a manner people will want to listen to and can relate to – then and only then will it have been a success." The film was invited to debut at Canada’s "International Film Festival of Non-Violence” in 2007 and Joshua was honored in 2008 for it by an invitation from The Southern Poverty Law Center for inclusion in The Wall of Tolerance, (a public tribute to those who have advanced the cause of tolerance), which is a prominent feature in the new Civil Rights Memorial. His film has received an invitation to be featured on DCCTV’s throughout 2009.  The film is also currently serving as the basis for The Memnosyne Foundation’s Interfaith Education Program currently requested in countries such as Rwanda, Ireland and India as well as local education institutions such as Happy Hill Farm. The footage will also be incorporated into The Memnosyne Foundation’s Virtual Campus to make the information available to people worldwide. 


In January of 2009, Joshua donated his time and talent as the Director of a documentary featuring the crucial outreach work of “The AIDS Services of Dallas” which was debuted to 1,500 people at its No Tie Gala and was later cited as being one of the main influences by donors to make a larger contribution than years previously.


In May of 2013, he directed the first in a series of educational documentaries for the Memnosyne Institute’s “Mural Empowerment Project” focused on presenting a more inclusive account of how the different races have made major contributions to humanity through the centuries, the first which focused on African and African American contributions. The film, subtitled, “Sankofa” has been a successful and major part of a free outreach educational program now used by non-profits in Philadelphia, Washington DC, the Gullah tribe in Georgia, New Orleans and Dallas.


In October of 2014, he directed the educational documentary, “Empowering A Generation”, a free educational outreach video designed to empower young 20something/30something leaders created by The Memnosyne Institute, Nexus: Global Youth Summit, and The Club of Budapest - Americas (COBA) that provides material relevant for anyone interested in learning how they can make a difference in an increasingly interconnected world. While aimed at being used by the member of NEXUS, it has been used by many around the world to convey the basics of Integral theory in action.

He is currently working on writing a three part science fiction/fantasy series titled “Unreal City” in which he hopes to use the genre to communicate the same concepts he has put into his documentaries, but in a fully entertaining way.


He collaborated with his wife, Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk, in contributing a chapter to “Dawn of The Akashic Age: New Consciousness, Quantum Resonance, and The Future of The World” in which the authors Dennis Kingsley and three-time-nominated-Nobel-Peace-Prize Dr. Ervin Laszlo, identified them as some of the “21st Century Visionary Thinkers” leading innovative humanitarianism for their “social acupuncture” model.


He is also one of the editors for “Empower” Journal, the collaborative international publication focused on integral theory in action which has published such notables as Nassim Harreim, Dr. Ervin Laszlo and others.

Phillip E. Collins

Executive Director

Phillip E. Collins is the Executive Director of The Memnosyne Institute where he is currently pulling upon his vast experience as a curator and educator to aid in the communication of concepts from scientists, to spiritual leaders, engineers, environmentalists, etc. to the public. He is currently instrumental in brining intuitive design to the Vital Signs Monitor/wheel of Co-Creation project which will be part of The Memnosyne Campus for Humanity.

Before working with The Memnosyne Institute, he served as head curator at the African American Museum of Art, a curator for the Dallas Museum of Art where he oversaw the go Van Gogh Program - an outreach program bringing the arts into local schools and where he designed the DMA's children's education gallery, and before that as a curator in Europe.

He designed and oversaw the launch of Neiman Marcus' own line of pillows and fabrics. He has been a frequently requested designer, writer, speaker and fluent in French, German and English  is widely sought after for his curatorial skills all over the globe.

He received his bachelors in Howard University and earned a Masters of Art Curation in Germany with an emphasis in German Expressionism.

He serves on multiple non-profit boards and as Commissioner-at-Large for the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs and as Chair of the Public Art Committee.


Board of Directors



Gregory G. Gomez

Constance Hargis




Nancy Harte

Sulaiman Hemani

Finance Committee Chair

Co-Chair of Sacred Geometry Renaissance  Project

Gray Keller

Richard Mauldin

The Very Reverend James Parks Morton


Tania Arrayales Rodriguez

Architect for "School Out of A Box" eco-scalable school design

Kunal Sood

visionary/co-chair of Humanitarian Innovation Forum at United Nations

Stephen Stefanou

Co-Chair of Sacred Geometry Renaissance Project

Kalu Kalu Ugwuomo

Reverend Hiromi Yano

Head of Memnosyne Japan (International chapter)








"Do and speak from your heart. Forget the dogma of your doctrine, and come out of the box so you can serve the world."

~ Her Excellency Rev. Dr. Oloye Aina Olomo ~
First female Chief of the Yoruba Tradition in the American continents

A special acknowledgement to our dearly departed sister,

Her Excellency Rev. Dr. Oloye Aina Olomo,

board member until 2016, whose wisdom and passion helped in the development of our organization from it’s original vision into a global reality.

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