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Explaining our History

Completely informal sharing about the scope of The Memnosyne institute's work through the years till now and into the near future!

  • Organized an interfaith event in Dallas at the Arboretum involving participants from diverse backgrounds, including the Hopi.

  • Facilitated the signing of the Hopi and Navajo Alliance, the first treaty alliance in 300 years between these tribes.

  • Established a chapter in Japan, fostering unity among different Shinto sects.

  • Revived the Coloring Book Program, initially launched in Rwanda to educate children on cultural unity, debunking the Hutu and Tutsi divide.

  • Conducted a cultural exchange with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and engaged in profound experiences with Toltec leaders.

  • Organized events and lectures on sacred geometry with various universities and groups, exploring its applications in different fields.

  • Supported the Standing Rock protests, providing legal aid and supplies to water protectors and protesters.

  • Initiated the Oak Cliff Earth Day, celebrating indigenous contributions and environmental advocacy.

  • Received recognition at the United Nations for their collective efforts and contributions.

  • Launched impactful educational and outreach initiatives, including a significant campaign to distribute KN95 masks to Native American communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Partnered with architects like Keith Critchlow on significant building projects to further their outreach.

  • Developed and led food justice initiatives like Food Source DFW, preventing food waste and supporting communities in need.

  • Participated in international collaborations, including a project with UNESCO and engagements with figures like Andrew Young for civil rights and education.

  • Engaged in efforts to combat anti-Semitism and promote interfaith dialogue and understanding.

  • Implemented projects aimed at improving public speaking and empowerment for students of various ages.

  • Collaborated on environmental and cultural preservation projects worldwide, including efforts to address gun violence and societal issues in the United States.

  • Developed an AI tool for data-driven outreach, aiming to make community service more effective and impactful.

These initiatives reflect the Memnosyne Institute's broad and impactful engagement in cultural, educational, environmental, and humanitarian efforts globally.

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